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Physics and Chemistry


Welcome to the Real World!

The study of physical science can immerse one into deep mathematical waters.  You will find, however, that the links on this page to individual lectures and experiments on topics relevant to  chemistry will usually serve to bring you back into touch with concrete, everyday reality.  While physics is extremely relevant to our everyday experience of the world, too, unraveling the equations which describe how the principles of physics apply in any given situation can lead one into complex use of mathematics.  Chemistry, on the other hand, relies primarily on descriptions based on symbolic formulas and equations, which have a more direct interpretation in term of concepts that are familiar from everyday life.  The lectures and experiments which we link to here can  serve as the starting points for inquiry  into given areas of chemistry, and this inquiry can then be supplemented by research based on  the extensively cross-linked overview.

The first lecture describes Quanta.

The second lecture develops the Mole Concept.

Experiment 8:  Counting Atoms

The third lecture teaches us about Electron Configurations.

The fourth lecture describes the Periodic Table.

Experiment 9:  The Periodic Table

The fifth lecture introduces us to the notion of Chemical Bonding.

The sixth lecture informs us about Chemical Nomenclature.

The seventh lecture discusses Chemical Reactions.

The eighth lecture teaches us all about Stoichiometry.

Experiment 10:  Mass and Mole Relationships in a Chemical Reaction

Already mastered the fundamental concepts of chemistry?  Now you are ready to study and benefit from the lessons on physics.

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