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Physics and Chemistry


Sympathetic Vibrations

Like chemistry, Physics is truly the science of everyday phenomenon.  However, while chemistry at the introductory level is largely descriptive, physics, even at the beginning level, is highly mathematical and quantitative.  We begin our study of Physics with a consideration of mechanical systems and their motion and properties.  Then we consider wavelike phenomenon, and close with a study of electricity and magnetism.  The lectures and experiments which we link to here can  serve as the starting points for inquiry  into given areas of physics, and this inquiry can then be supplemented by research based on  the extensively cross-linked overview.

Lecture One:            Linear Motion

Lecture Two:            Vectors, and Motion in Two Dimensions

Experiment 4

Lecture Three:          Newton’s Laws Pt. I

Lecture Four:            Newton’s Laws Pt. II

Lecture Five:            Momentum and Energy

Experiment 5

Lecture Six:               Universal Gravitation

Lecture Seven:          Waves, Sound and Light

Experiment 6

Lecture Eight:           Electricity and Magnetism

Experiment 7

Already mastered the fundamentals of physics?  Then you are nearing the end of our journey.  We have only several final common themes to consider.  Click on Final Common Lessons here to complete your journey.

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