The  joys of learning

Physics and chemistry


“A Journey of a thousand  miles begins with the first step...”

When starting any new adventure it is  essential to have good guides that point out the not-to-be-missed highlights  and indicate potential pitfalls.  On this page you will find links to individual topics that form a theme common to both  chemistry and physics.  You will find also links that lead you to overviews of the  entire  fields of physics and chemistry. These links serve as the starting points for our journey into the various areas of physical science, and you can start your inquiry by clicking on one of the links below.

Lecture One:            Measurement

Lecture Two:            Atomic Theory

Experiment 1:           Rutherford Scattering

Lecture Three:           Liquids & Solids

Lecture Four:            Gases

Experiment 2:            Boyle’s Law

Lecture Five:              Heat and Temperature

Lecture Six:                Heat Transfer

Lecture Seven:           Change of Phase

Experiment 3:            The Heat of Fusion of Ice

Lecture Eight:            Laws of Thermodynamics


Finally, the link to  the overview of the entire field of physics may  be found here.  The link  to the overview of the entire field  of chemistry  may be found here.

May your search for knowledge begin . . .

Already mastered the basic  concepts?  Now you are ready to study and benefit from the more specialized lessons.

You’ve seen now that at a basic level, mathematics is the language of physical science.  To learn how to better link this abstract mathematical description with physical reality, we turn now to the science of Chemistry.

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